Rochester Skydivers has been in business for over 30 years. The drop zone first began at a small airport called Paratec in the northwest corner of Monroe County, NY, where thousands of students were introduced to skydiving. It is where the current Drop Zone owners, Jim and Sue Beck, made their first skydives, Sue in 1990 and Jim in 1991. It is also where the pair met. Bitten from their first jumps by the skydiving bug, their passion for skydiving blossomed into second “careers” for them as they became jumpmasters and instructors in a number of skydiving disciplines, and traveled across the country and internationally to jump at a variety of drop zones and skydiving events, making countless friends in the skydiving community along the way.

When Rochester Skydivers moved to Pine Hill Airport in Orleans County in 2000, Jim and Sue went along and continued to call it their home drop zone. In Spring of 2015, when the drop zone owner retired, Sue and Jim became the new owners of Rochester Skydivers, now located at Perry-Warsaw Airport in Perry, NY.